Philharmonics play an important role in bringing together the Azorean communities and the archipelago, by serving as a bridge between both of them, and by promoting the values and traditions that identify and distinguish our people.

The Government of the Azores praises the contribution of the philharmonics for the cultural and social enrichment of the Azorean communities, recognizing these associations as privileged spaces for the exchange and interaction between generations.

Therefore, this Government has the goal to continue to promote this proximity. In this sense, the “Guide to the Philharmonic Societies in the Azores and the Communities” is another digital platform that unites, through the philharmonics, our archipelago to its diaspora, by divulging and preserving the contribution of these societies to our culture.

This website aims to map and divulge the philharmonics that are in activity in the Azores and in the diaspora, enabling a space for promotion that allows the interaction between these institutions, as well as the sharing of experiences and knowledge.

José Manuel Bolieiro
President of the Regional Government of the Azores