Guide to the Philharmonic Societies

Currently, there are hundreds of philharmonics in our archipelago and in the Azorean communities. These musical associations are true schools of values that are of great importance to maintain our cultural identity and for social cohesion, both in the Azores and in the Azorean communities in the diaspora.

Philharmonics are part of a whole variety of cultural events held in the Autonomous Region of Azores and in the communities, being, therefore, considered prime means of promotion of our cultural values and of the Azores image across borders. They are also are indispensable to children’s and young people’s musical and social development, and they are a factor of utmost relevance for the communities where they belong.

Composed of amateur musicians, philharmonics are essential elements that constitute the noblest Azorean traditions’ genuineness.

Aware of their importance and of the role they play in society, it is the intention of the Government of the Azores to have updated information on these associations collected in order to provide it in the Azores and in the Azorean diaspora, referring to each association’s geographical location and history, the number of musicians making it up, the events it participates in, among others.
The involvement and collaboration of visitors and of those interested in this theme is required for this project’s achievement and its continuous update.

Join in and help publicize our philharmonics.